As a young teenager, Markus started to gain experience in the performance of medieval and renaissance music. This study of traditional ways to play music on authentic medival instruments was to become the base of his musical focus today. In the Contrabass he finally found an instrument that allowed him to express himself in various musical styles. The studies of Jazz and popular music in Mainz deepened his musical relation to the instrument. Always fascinated and driven to learn about other musical cultures, the traditional music of the middle east and central asia became a big artistic focus in his projects and compositions.

Next to playing the bass, a steadily growing number of exotic musical instruments are part of his musical studies and concert performances. He mainly collaborates with musicians and bands that find there musical priorities in worldmusic.


The arabic maqam and persian dastgah systems are fundamental influences on his musical work on the doublebass as well as on other traditional instruments.



Doublebass, Aoud, Rubāb, Tanbur afghani, Azeri Tar, Shourangiz Setar, Kashgar Rawap, Balalaika, Tenor-Balalaika, Domra, Komuz, Morin Khuur, Koboz, Sarangi, Mōsō-Biwa, Dothara, Kamancheh, Sarinda, Kopuz, Sargija, Samica, Tungna, Hasapi, Shetland Gue, Charango, Dambora, Guembri, Rabab, Dombyra