Max Clouth Clan - Studiokonzert (Vinyl Only)

Released: February 2019

Max Clouth-Guitar

Andrey Shabashev-Piano

Markus Wach-Doublebass

Martin Standke-Drums

Michael Makarov-Violin

Leana Alkema-Cello

Kabuki (Jan Hennig)-Modular-Synthesizer

Max Clouth Clan - Kamaloka

Released: April 2018

Max Clouth-Guitars

Andrey Shabashev-Keyboards

Markus Wach-Contrabass

Jonathan Sell-Electric Bass

Martin Standke-Drums

Bernhard Schimpelsberger-Drums, Percussion

Sriparna Nandi/Varijashree Venugopal-Vocals

          Ishaan Ghosh-Tabla

  Olga Zaitseva-Herz-Violin

  Ina Kleine-Wiskott-Violin, Viola

  Leana Alkema-Cello


Lavender - II

Released: May 2017

Anouk Vingerling-Vocals, Guitar, Dulcimer, Mandolin

Floortje Sulzberger-Vocals

Markus Wach-Doublebass, Mandola

Jörg Dobrick-Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Mala Isbuschka - Mala Isbuschka

Released: November 2016

Daria Khoroshilova-Violin

Markus Wach-Doublebass, Oud, Mandolin

Lena Borchers-Accordion

Moritz Weissinger-Percussion

Zaitsa - Zaitsa

Released: October 2016

Olga Zaitseva-Vocals, Violin

Marek Herz-Guitar

Torsten Knoll-Piano

Andreas Rollbühler, Markus Wach-Bass

Mathias Hößel-Percussion

Martin Standke-Drums

The Ropesh - The Ropesh

Released: May 2013

Lorenzo Colocci-Flute/Electronics

Apollonio Maiello-Piano

Markus Franzke-Trombone

Markus Wach-Doublebass

Mathis Grossmann-Drums


Rainer Böhm-Piano

Miriam Ast-Vocals

Tonarbeiten - Wrong Turn Swing

Released: March 2013

Oliver Wojteczek-Guitar

Leonardo Radicchi-Saxophon

Markus Wach-Doublebass

Moritz Weissinger-Drums

Lavender - Tiger

Released: April 2012

Anouk Vingerling-Vocals/Guitar/Dulcimer

Carlijn Vingerling-Vocals

Floortje Vingerling-Vocals

Peter Bongard-Piano

Markus Wach-Doublebass

Jörg Dobrick-Drums

Valen-Tot-Ria - Val-Life-Tria

Released: Selfreleased 2010, Limited to 100 Copies

Alexander Valenta-Guitar

Markus Wach-Doublebass

Kai Dietz-Drums